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Tools and Equipment Storage

Yours tools and equipment’s are essential for the smooth running of your business. Give yourself and your business peace of mind by using our self-storage to securely store your equipment or tools. Whether you are a builder looking to store tools, a photographer needing to store props or a band looking to store instruments, we have the self-storage unit for you.

When self-storage can come in handy

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    A construction site nearby

    No need to lug around your equipment. The blue box is there to make your job easier.

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    Keeping your equipment safe and secure

    There is far greater security at a storage facility versus parking your trailer outside your front door. For instance, for many landscapers, their equipment, while not irreplaceable, would mean a serious disruption to business or even starting over for some if everything was stolen. Protecting your lawn equipment in this way can provide you the trust and confidence that nothing is going to happen to your valuable equipment while at a self-storage facility.

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    Save Money

    Contractors often find renting self-storage space allows them to save money when storing materials and equipment.
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    Declutter their home

    Contractors find that they can run their business without renting office space because of self-storage.
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    Preventing damage

    If you’ve got a proper place for everything your kit is less likely to suffer accidents and keep in tip-top condition.

Self storage for business- this is why you will find the solution at Blue Box

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    Store as much or as little as you want

    Our self-storage has a huge range of unit sizes ranging from 2.5 to 20 m² which assure you that you won’t pay for unnecessary space.

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    Flexible Storage terms

    Whether you need to store for a month a year or who knows how long, our self-storage is for you. Flexible terms mean you can extend your storage as long as you need, or move out whenever. What’s more if your storage requirements change you can easily add an extra unit for more space, or downsize to a smaller unit. Self-Storage is totally flexible.

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    Access whenever you want it

    You will have a 24 hours’ access 7 days a week to your storage rental through our controlled access gates.

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    Easy Access

    At blue box self-storage, you will have easy access to load and unload your contents. There will be trolleys, hand trucks and pallet jacks enabling your transfers to be simple as possible. A ladder will be at your disposal.

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    Peace of mind

    Safe environnement: only you can access your box. Our secure center is a calm and confident storage.

    The facility is equipped with CCTV, fire and intrusion alarms, and 24-hour security guard. In addition, you have your own access codes and hold the only key to lock your storage.One less thing to worry about. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you take out insurance for your belongings.

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    Transparent prices

    We simply always quote you our best prices the first time and we publish them on our web site.You benefit, for sure, from the most advantageous rate possible according to your particular case.

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    Expert advice

    Our storage experts are happy to advise you on what storage size to choose. (It’s nearly always smaller than you think.)
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    Pack Safely

    Blue Box is a one stop shop for all your packing and moving needs. We sell a variety of moving accesories at competitive prices such as boxes, mattress covers, sofa covers, packing tape, wardrobe boxes etc. so you can protect your belongings easily.

It is easy to rent a personal storage unit – in just 5 simple steps!

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    Find your ideal storage unit

    We can guide you on how to find the best storage space for yourself.

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    Length of stay

    Either stay as flexible as possible and go for a monthly rental or opt for a long-term rental commitment to benefit from preferentials rates.

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    Reserve your chosen unit

    Make a reservation to hold the availability and price. All we need is your name and email address. No credit cards required.

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    Pack your things

    We give you tips on how to pack and store your belongings.

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    Move in

    Sign a simple contract and move in to your unit.

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