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What is self-storage ?

This is the most convenient way to boost your storage capacity. Where ? In a professional storage facility that provides you with an individual box. Benefits ? This room is secure, only you hold the key. Its dimensions and technical characteristics are adapted to your requirements. The duration of occupancy is flexible, depending on your needs. And you have free access 7 days a week.

Why Choose Blue Box Self-Storage ?

Blue Box can offer you that extra space in our dry, clean and secure storage facilities which are specifically designed for this purpose.  Our storage staffs are experts, so they can help you throughout the whole process and offer any advice you may need.  So, whether you need storage for personal or business use, you can find a tailor-made self-storage solution at Blue Box.

Here are some reasons why blue box is great when it comes to storing your belongings

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    We have a transparent pricing policy and pay only for the space you need.

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    You can pre-book your storage online if you want to guarantee your storage space.

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    Storage units are safe and reliable.

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    Boxes, packing and moving supplies available on site.

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    Unlimited access to your belongings.

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    You are not tied to any rental period or unit.

  • Pay only for the space you need

    You can identify the size tailored to your needs by using the size calculator or the help of our team. Thanks to the different sizes, you will only pay the one you need. Also, if you need to change the box thereafter, this will be done without transfer fee. Thus, you could increase your box size or reduce it; in that last case, you don’t have to pay any extra rent for a space you don’t require as long as you are not tied up with a long term contract.
  • Booking online

    With a few simple clicks of the mouse, you’ll be all set up with your new storage unit, eliminating the hassle of making a trip to the facility to book your unit. Once booked, you have three days to head over to the storage facility or to contact our team in order to confirm knowing that your storage unit is ready for you to start moving items in.
  • Peace of mind

    Security is our number one priority when it comes to your stuff. We have done everything we can to ensure your things are in the safest of hands. . We have CCTV, alarms, fire alarms, intruder alarms fitted throughout the facility, security guards 24 hours. To reach your box by your own, you will get a fingerprint or a pin code together with an access card. In addition, you get your own padlock to safely secure and lock up your belongings in the unit itself.
  • Boxes, packing and moving supplies available on site

    Blue Box is a one stop shop for all of your moving needs, with packaging provided as an additional service at a competitive rate and you can even borrow trolleys, hand pallets and pallet jacks to make moving in and out easier. A ladder is at your disposal if requested as well.
  • Unlimited access to your belongings

    We offer 24/7 access at no extra charge. This allows you to get to your belongings when it suits you best. We are open on week days Monday to Friday and also on Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm. If you require any information, just pop in and our friendly and professional staffs will do everything to help you.

  • No problem if your plans change

    If something changes after you have booked your storage unit online, you can be assured that you won’t have any problems making a change. In case you realize that you need a different size unit, you can easily change it upon arrival, or even throughout your rental with us as long as you are not tied up with a long term contract.
  • You are not tied down to any period

    Blue Box Self Storage’s contract periods start from one month. This is great for clients who are looking to store belongings over a relatively short space of time or to get the option to move up or down to an other unit. This means you will not be forced to take out a six-month long contract or more if you want to remain flexible.


How do I get started ?

Glad you asked ! You can rent a storage unit with Blue Box in just 5 simple steps below:

Wondering how much the units cost ?