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Moving Checklist

Moving can be a complicated and stressful process. Packing a lifetime’s worth of furniture, clothes, and other belongings is a time consuming effort. Renting a self-storage unit can give you some peace of mind as you try to decide what to bring with you, get rid of and store. Self-storage units provide a place to keep your belongings in between the move or as you try to decide what you want to keep. Use the following checklist for a smooth move.


2 months before

  • If renting, give your landlord written notice.
  • Decide on a firm date for moving.
  • Visit or call Blue Box Self-Storage to reserve your storage unit.
  • Talk to Blue Box about the van hire and organise a removal.
  • Purchase packing supplies (available at our facility).
  • Start sorting out your loft and garage. It’s a great way to get rid of things you don’t need – why not make donations !
  • Make a list of items you plan on moving to your new home and items you wish to take to storage.
  • Put important documents such as medical records into archive boxes and label them clearly, you may need them when you enter your new home.
  • Do you need kennels for the move ? Book it in advance.
  • Arrange transfer of internet, telephone, water and electricity connections.

1 month before

  • Register your children in their new schools. It would be a good idea to involve kids in the moving process. They can help pack their toys and items from their room.
  • Contact all relevant authorities to notify your new address.
  • Cancel any monthly household services, such as newspaper delivery.
  • Dry clean clothes to be moved, pack in protective wrappers.
  • Collect everything you have loaned out; return everything you have borrowed.
  • Check freezer and plan use of food over next two to three weeks.
  • Remove all jewellery and other valuables to a safe deposit box or other safe place to prevent loss during move.
  • Give away or arrange for transportation of houseplants (most moving companies will not move plants – Plants can also be sold at garage sales, or are perfect gifts for neighbours.
  • Continue packing and remember to label each box with contents.
  • Arrange to have your lawnmower, weed eater etc. serviced for moving in order to avoid any damage due to possible leakage and/or fire during the move.
  • Have any oil or fuel drained (pay attention to the rules and requirements of the self-storage company and the moving company).

1 week before

  • If you have toddlers, you might want to arrange for a baby-sitter on moving day to ensure they remain safe during the loading process.
  • Make sure your items are labelled: ‘fragile’, ‘load first’, ‘load last’, and ‘do not load’. This is important to ensure the safety of your items.
  • Pack a box separately with the things you will need immediately upon arriving at your new home. For example- snacks, disposable plates and cups, bathroom items and trash bags.
  • Remind your friends and family that you’ll need a hand in one week.

1 day before your moving day

  • Inspect your home from top to bottom, yards, attic, garage – any spot you can think of. Check cupboards, drawers and possibly secret storage areas for belongings that may have been left behind so far.
  • Pay attention also to the areas around the house in order not to leave anything behind you would not like to miss (statues, urns, water features, pots, rocks, …) if not sold with the house.
  • Confirm tomorrow’s schedule with your removal firm
  • Move all your packed boxes into a downstairs room
  • Defrost and empty out your refrigerator.
  • Keep some cash on hand for last minute expenses
  • Finish cleaning the house or apartment.

Moving day

  • Hand keys to landlord/real estate agent/lawyer.
  • Carry valuables and important documents with you, bank details, passports etc…
  • Have children help out. Keeping them involved makes the job easier.
  • Cover mattresses and sofas with dust protectors.
  • Make a final check off for the entire house, basement, closets, shelves, attic, garage and other rooms.
  • Don’t leave until the movers have gone. Oversee the inventory with the moving company.
  • Don’t forget to lock up door and Windows.
  • Meet removal men at the self-storage facility and/or new address and supervise the unloading.

Good Luck 😉 !